Welcome To Camping Trips... without the trips


Your friends at Clever Equipment are so glad to be able to provide the TripFree glowing rope tensioners.

Created to improve your camping experiences with the simple idea of helping you see your tent’s guy ropes at night, we believe the TripFree sums up what camping should be all about… simple, fun and worthwhile.

Happy camping!!…

(don’t forget your TripFree tensioners)


(the guy who was supposed to write something here is off camping)

This is a TripFree zone

This ain’t Woodstock …no tripping here, our ropes are tensioned with glowing TripFree tensioners.

More ideas...

Did you know that the TripFree has some other really cool uses… such as, making it easy to find your keys in the dark.

Clever Equipment Pty Ltd

Find out more about the distributors of TripFree by checking our website.


Am a little puzzled as to why you’re still reading all these little blurbs… thought you might’ve wanted to grab a few TripFree tensioners and gone camping.


We’re currently looking for camping stores and other clever retailers who’d like to help us put TripFree tensioners onto tent ropes everywhere.

So if you’re a retailer, distributor or just have a favourite camping store you’d like to be able to buy these from in person, contact us now!