TripFree Glowing Rope Tensioners – pack of 4


TripFree glowing guy rope tensioners, will help you see your tent ropes at night, so you can avoid tripping.

Be a clever camper with TripFree rope tensioners. Supplied in a convenient pack of 4.

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Product Description

Your days of dull camping are finished with the TripFree Glowing Rope Tensioner.

With an amazing capacity to glow for 12 hours, the TripFree will gently illuminate guy ropes during the night, thus reducing the risk of tripping over them in the dark.

As a rope tensioner, the TripFree is easy and effective, simply thread your guy rope through one hole and then feed the end of the rope through the 2nd hole and tie a knot – simple!

For best results, we recommend to give your TripFree tensioners a couple hours of sunlight before use (be nice to your TripFree tensioners they’ve got a long night of happy glowing ahead).


Your Trip Free rope tensioners are conveniently packaged in a 4 pack and are suitable for allĀ standard tent ropes.

Illuminate your camping, stopĀ tripping over guy ropes around your campsite, and make your tent TripFree today


Trip Free tips and ideas:

– Position your TripFree tensioners 80 – 100cm from the ground, so that they can be seen easily when walking past your ropes at night.

– Try to give your TripFree tensioners 3 hours or more of sunlight before use. If setting up your tent later in the afternoon, maybe keep your TripFree tensioners in the centre console of your car or somewhere that they have access to good lighting whilst in transit. If hiking, you can clip TripFrees to zips of your pack to achieve the same result.

– Camping in a campground with facilities and having trouble finding the toilet key at night? Why not clip a TripFree tensioner onto the key tag, to make it easier to find the key if you need it overnight.


Additional Information

Weight 46 g
Dimensions 18.5 x 10 x 1 cm


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